WYASO Finish Line 2015
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WYASO Finish Line 2015

How can it be June already? Seriously. Did I sleep through the spring?

Well with the end of May comes the end of the Walk Your AS Off awareness campaign (WYASO). And what a triumph it was this year. We are yet to know the total steps count for this year, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be another record breaking year. If you haven’t already, do sign up for the ‘Crossing the Finish Line’ Facebook event on the 13th, and you can join in with the celebrations, share your stories, and find out just how much closer to Mars we got.

This year was the first year I had captained my own team. And I think it went fairly well. My team was of course aptly named ‘Making Trax’. We were a small team, but I am immensely proud of the effort that they all put in, and the extra steps they took to help raise awareness. I have every hope that next years event will be even bigger for the team in every sense.

You may have noticed I haven’t blogged through the event. Well I have. Just not here. This year I was very fortunately to be asked to help write and contribute to the new WYASO website. If you haven’t checked out my Round-Up posts, or the video tutorial posts, then just follow the links.

Being part of something that has grown so big is humbling. And quite frankly, awfully time consuming! Honestly, I don’t know how Jennifer Visscher does it?! That women must never sleep through the whole of May. But I’m sure you will all join me in thanking her from the bottom of my heart. What she has achieved is nothing short of exceptional. Thank you.

If you didn’t join in with this years WYASO, then fear not, there’s always next year.

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