Weekly Round-Up: Starting Something New
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Weekly Round-Up: Starting Something New

This week Endless Trax is giving a virtual birth to a new feature. The Weekly Round-Up.

This is not a feature individual to Endless Trax, in fact far from it. As a self confessed Geek I read a number of tech and gaming blogs, which all have a form of a Weekly Round-Up.

For those that aren’t familiar with what a Round-Up is in blogging terms, then it’s quite simple; this post is a collection of some the best chronic illness blog posts and articles from around the blogosphere this week.

I hope to make this a weekly feature on Endless Trax to run along side my normal posts, but I may need some help occasionally. If you have an article or post you have read that you which to share with everyone, then please send me the link via Twitter, Facebook or Email, and I’ll make sure to read it on my hour commute. I will do my best to include as many of them as I can in the next edition/s of the Weekly Round-Up.

So here goes, a small selection to get us started:

Happy Blog-o-versary! – It has been a whole year since Peachy Pains blog was first started. To celebrate she has done something special, she has gifted us with 3 things, a Q&A, Vlog and….. a Giveaway!! All in one post.

I Never Knew What I Feared The Most Until I Became A Mommy… – This title pretty much speaks for itself. This post is about the difficulties, and more pertinently the fears of Dana in her journey with being a Mom with chronic illness. I’m sure lots of you can relate to this.

Team support, and a Happy Easter – Is the latest edition of the NASS Directors Blog. Want to find out what projects NASS are working on at the moment? Interested in what Debbie has planned for Easter? You better read then hadn’t you.

Meddling with the mind and mining the memories – This is an article by Dr Gardiner, who is a Rheumatologist in Northern Ireland. I must admit I really enjoyed this one. This post discuss’ the link between pain, fear and memories, along with current research being done to look into how pain can be treated by helping us forget.

This concludes the first Weekly Round-Up post. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Don’t forget to send me your ideas for next weeks Round-Up. Until then….

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