Weekly Round-Up: No Rest for the Wicked
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Weekly Round-Up: No Rest for the Wicked

This week is the first time I have taken any Annual Leave (vacation time) since the birth of my son in December. A whole 4.5 months without a break or a decent rest! Man it was hard work, but I got through it. I can honestly say my body was screaming for it, with the AS gently (sometimes vigorously) reminding me of its presence, and I my need to stop for a rest sometime soon.

However rest is something I am yet to manage. With the 3 hour drive to my home town to see family & friends, a few nights staying in a hotel, and the return journey back doing very little to help things, I returned home to yet more things to do. The fact I now have an 18 week old at home is obviously a drain on my ‘free time’, but that I don’t mind, I love fatherhood! But I have returned to spend far more time than I’d like doing my post-grad study, and writing an assignment. Hunched over in that position (yes,  know I should know better) which is adding to my aches and pains is certainly not sticking to the plan of ‘rest’.

The business is set to continue, but come hell or high water I will sit on the sofa and watch sports on Sunday!! That’s what god invented Sundays for after all. I’m sure that’s in the book of Genesis somewhere. That will unfortunately be the accumulation of a weeks worth of rest, packed into just one afternoon. So looks like I’ll need a Holiday to get over my Holiday!!…………

Anyway; without further ado here’s this weeks Top 10 Round-Up:

Getting Australian residency isn’t easy – especially if you’re not in tip-top health – Tracey Croke is a Manchester-born, Australian-based freelance journalist with a mission to go where no arthritic has gone before.

Critical Appraisal: Court in the Act – “Freedom of expression may be under threat in Australia from companies using legal action, or the threat of it, to try and silence their critics. A recent case involves a health professional being sued for questioning the efficacy of a complementary medicine.”

Mistakes Patients Should Avoid When First Taking to the Web – Written by Amanda from WEGO Health, this article is exactly what it says in the title. What would you add to the list?

Humira gains European licence for ulcerative colitis – Good news for Ulcerative Colitis sufferers. A treatment is now available. 🙂

Funday Monday – Spooning – This weeks Funday Monday post from Peachy Pains. Yet another hilarious video to perk up your day.

Keep Calm & Stay Positive – What more can you say? Thanks Positive Pear

Many Who Suffer With Rheumatoid Arthritis Are Plagued By Lower GI Problems – Men are “at greater risk for GI problems and gastrointestinal-related death than people without the disease, a Mayo Clinic study shows.”

The Ode to the RA blues – ‘The Blues’ is something all chronic illness sufferers have in common, and it’s the one thing we can all help each other with. Read this! Then go and share your experiences of ‘The Blues’ with another. It might just help.

Having RA as a child taught me some very important life lessons – Tina Tarbox shares her experiences growing up with RA

NASS items for Auction – Due to the generosity of members, friends and supporters NASS has a number of items up for auction. To see what’s on offer and bid on items in the silent auction follow the link.

Don’t forget to send me your links of your favourite posts that you want to share in next weeks Round-Up.

Until next week. Enjoy!

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