Weekly Round-Up: Better Late than Never

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Today is April 30th, which means a weight was lifted off my shoulders earlier when I handed in my Post-Grad assignment! Woohoo!!

This means that I spent all weekend making sure my essay was as good as it could be, meaning this weeks Weekly Round-Up is a bit late……………. Woops.

Now that the stress and worry is over (until October at least)my blogging can now resume to a normal schedule. No more essays to write, no more classes to fall asleep in, and no more hair to be pulled out. My barber will be pleased – as will my wife come to think of it.

So without further ado, this weeks Round-Up. Enjoy.

Chronic Health

Fatigue — It’s Not Just “Being Tired” – by Inspired by Ankylosing Spondylitis

Student Doctors – by Livid Spondy

5 Challenges and 5 Small Victories – by Not Standing Still’s Disease

NASS talking to GPs – by NASS Director Debbie Cook

In Other News

We all have a fatal condition: it’s pre-death – by Muiris Houston (for The Irish Times)

The 8 Worst People To Meet At A Rock Gig – by Land of Sunshine

Is this the worst government statistic ever created? – Ben Goldacre (BadScience.com)

 And Last but Not Least

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2 Replies to “Weekly Round-Up: Better Late than Never”

  1. Tracey

    Thanks again for the roundup Ricky. I got a good laugh out of the Rock Gig article. Reminded me of my punk concert days. Thought the article in the Irish Times was an eye-opener and Livid Spondy supporting student doctors. Bravo.


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