Sunday's Small Bite: Musical Chairs
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Sunday's Small Bite: Musical Chairs

Once in a while I take a 150 mile / 3 hour trip up the motorway to my home town to see my family and friends. This is generally pretty exhausting work as I ferry from one household to the next, being fed biscuits and drinking tea at every stop. It’s a hard life I know!

This time was slightly different, given two reasons. Firstly it was the first time our new addition to the family had visited my home town. So in the most part everyone came to us and formed a somewhat disorderly queue, in which they proceeded to pinch my son’s chubby cheeks, and played baby pass the parcel as they each took turns to have a “cuddle”. After the novelty had wore off everyone proceeded with the main reason we had a family get together, and that was to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary.

With all the family together the chatter started to get louder, the arguments got fuelled, and the young children caused mayhem. In short it quickly became a routine family get together.

Lately my Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) hasn’t been playing nice, so the 3 hour drive didn’t make it too much happier. Having a good sit down was certainly needed. Despite the abundance of chairs at my parents house, with a family as large as mine they soon get taken up. After the buffet the musical chairs began. Here lay my conundrum, who would take the last chair? The young pained AS family member, or the pension aged osteoarthritis family member? Tough call.

What would you do? Flip a coin? Who gets the chair? Would politeness take over so you offer it away? Or would you agree on some time share option?

What would you do?

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