Several Rides Later
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Several Rides Later

Since I started riding again I’ve done several rides out. Unfortunately not as many as I had hoped. Approximately once every 2 weeks. As it stands I can’t see me being fit enough to do a charity bike ride in September as I was initially thinking. So I’m going to have to keep it up and see how far I can progress. At the moment I’m only managing 10 mile rides, easy ones at that. Which isn’t as far as it might sound.

As soon as I get on the bike my legs feel tired and weak, not sure why, not something I’ve experience before. Anyone else experience this before? Not sure what I can do about it but plod on. Does leave me feeling a little more uncertain about how far I am going to be able to realistically push myself? The point of doing a charity ride is primarily to raise money and awareness, but also it needs to be a challenge / sacrifice. Maybe then these struggles will make it a greater achievement and further challenge, but then I also don’t want to “do myself of injury”.

Obviously any help and support is appreciated. Hopefully I can update you all soon with pics, routes and hopefully further plans.

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