Return to Golf
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Return to Golf

Golf has been a sport I have enjoyed playing and watching now for a few years. As its never something that I have played week in and week out due to my other commitments, I predictably am pretty rubbish at it! However I’ve never let that stop me enjoying it. As my Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) has progressed I found that golf pretty much stopped being something I did for periods of months. This is hopefully changing. Now I work regular 9am-5pm hours with weekends off, there can be no better time than now to start again. With this I dragged a friend along to the driving range for some practice. After a few sessions over the weeks I realised that hitting my big clubs (i.e. Driver and Woods) was just too much for my back, and too painful. However my iron play was comfortable enough to play my first round in about 8 months. So with that in mind I dragged said friend along to a local Par 3 course for a good knock around.

The sun was out, the ground was dry (ish), almost perfect weather for good stroll around the course. The round was full of beautiful shots, closely followed by equally horrible shots, and in the end I shot a fairly reasonable round for a high handicapper. The golf bug had returned.

So with this I better start working on my game and hopefully with regular practice my back will get used to it, and enable me to play a full round in the near future. I’ll be sure to keep you all informed 😉

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