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A selection of projects and client work to showcase some of my best work.
Portfolio / Projects


PyAnchor is an open-source Python package for checking sites for broken links.

PyPi link: pypi.org/project/pyanchor/
GitHub repo: github.com/EndlessTrax/pyanchor


PGN To Sqlite

A cli application for pulling pgn files from Chess.com and Lichess.org and putting your games into a sqlite database.

PyPi link: pypi.org/project/pgn-to-sqlite/
GitHub repo: github.com/EndlessTrax/pgn-to-sqlite

Python Template Snippets - VS Code Extension

A VS Code snippet extension that includes snippets for both the Jinja2 and Django template engines with over 29k install.

VS Code MarketPlace: marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=RickyWhite.python-template-snippets
GitHub repo: github.com/EndlessTrax/python-template-snippets

Spondy News

Spondy.news is an open source content aggregator for news, research, and events for those suffering with the chronic disease, Axial Spondyloarthritis (and Ankylosing Spondylitis).

Built using Django, APScheduler, and Feedparser. Deployed to Heroku.

GitHub repo: github.com/EndlessTrax/spondy-news


Migus Group Website

New site built with Hugo, the Go based static site generator. Deployed to Netlify.

Live site: migusgroup.com


MBM Consultants Website

Redesigned and rebuilt this consulting site and blog using Pelican, the Python based static site generator. Deployed to Netlify.

Live site: mbmconsultants.co


Dance at Home Nova Website

New site built from scratch. The design needed to be clean but fun. This was achieved with the video hero and a foxtrot animation on the "Get Started" page.

Live site: danceathomenova.com