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Portfolio / Projects

A selection of projects and client work to showcase some of my best work.
Portfolio / Projects


PyAnchor is an open-source Python package for checking sites for broken links.

PyPi link:
GitHub repo:

Python Template Snippets

A VS Code snippet extension that includes snippets for both the Jinja2 and Django template engines with over 29k install.

VS Code MarketPlace:
GitHub repo:

Migus Group Website

New site built with Hugo, the Go based static site generator. Deployed to Netlify.

Live site:

TODO: Add Image

MBM Consultants Website

Redesigned and rebuilt this consulting site and blog using Pelican, the Python based static site generator. Deployed to Netlify.

Live site:


Dance at Home Nova Website

New site built from scratch. The design needed to be clean but fun. This was achieved with the video hero and a foxtrot animation on the "Get Started" page.

Live site: