5 Replies to “New Look & New Logo!!”

  1. James Allen (@GigaJim)

    Nice! The new logo is great. No bugs so far. Although ‘Hurting but hopeful’ blog link on your blogroll no longer exists. Who knows, maybe you might replace it with makingroomforas.com. Anything is possible 😉

  2. Matt Adams

    Just stumbled upon your site and love the logo. I’ve never seen an image describe how it feels to have AS so accurately. Nice work!

    • Endless Trax

      Hi Matt,

      Glad you found me. I am rather proud of the EndlessTrax Logo. It was pretty easy to find the inspiration for it as you can imagine. Hope you got to check out some of my other posts too.

      Feel free to add me on twitter or like the EndlessTrax Facebook page.

      Thanks again for the feedback 🙂


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