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Taking Charge

Making Your Healthcare Appointments Work for You

Discover how you can get more from your healthcare appointments.

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This book is for you if:

  • you often feel anxious or nervous before your healthcare appointments.
  • you leave your healthcare appointments feeling frustrated.
  • you leave your healthcare appointments with more questions than you went in with.
  • you feel left out of the decisions being made about your treatment or overall care.
  • you have trouble keeping track of all the changes in your care.
  • you find that your appointments just aren’t long enough to answer all your questions and address all your concerns.
  • you feel your care isn’t coordinated between all your healthcare professionals.

Whatever your reason, you can learn how to get more from your healthcare appointments.

While working as a Registered Nurse, I was diagnosed with a degenerative autoimmune disease. I have spent countless hours in and out of various healthcare appointments, and the one thing that helped me the most was my experience of sitting on both sides of the desk.

Just because you haven’t had that experience firsthand, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to make your healthcare appointments work for you, too.

Why this book?

  • It will be the handbook you need for all your appointments, regardless of who you’re seeing.
  • It’s presented in an easy-to-read format (no jargon.)
  • You will discover what healthcare professionals expect from you.
  • It will help you maximize your time at your appointments so you can get more done.
  • It will help you bridge the gap in your doctor-patient relationship.
  • It includes FREE downloadable resources to give you a head-start.

What readers have said about the book:

“This book is essential for anyone living with a chronic illness. There is so much helpful information packed in here.”

“The book I wish I had encountered when I was told I had cancer…honestly.”

“Excellent book, full of great suggestions to improve healthcare communication.”

“Taking Charge provides a concise, yet thorough, explanation of the inner workings of healthcare systems that is applicable to patients in the United States and Canada as well as the United Kingdom.”

“A magnificent and incredibly useful handbook which I know I will be going back to time and time again.”

“His book is well laid-out and it is full of great tips and advice. The resource section alone is worth buying this book.”

“Clear, concise and jargon-free, it even made me chuckle in a few places.”

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