Mind, Body….. and Soul?

Healthcare today has advanced and evolved significantly to that of previous generations. No longer do we believe smoking is actually good for you, nor that mercury cures syphilis, or any other ailment that didn’t already have a cure for that matter. What we do know now is that the human body is complex, and healthcare should not just treat the physical form we have become. It should encompass mental and spirital health. This is no more prevelent in the treatment of chronic conditions, which can have very severe affects on all three aspects of an individuals well-being.

The biological treatments of conditions such as Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), Rheumatoid and all other forms of arthritis are well known. With information offered by various charities and organisations, such as NASS, Spondylitis Association of America, and Arthritis Care UK. Treatments for depression can also be a part of an individuals treatment regime in order to combat the relentless nature of these conditions. But what about spiritual health? Can we offer more help for something so individualised and personal? Is this something that people need help with? Regardless of the religion, does having a faith of some kind help or hinder the holistic care approach?

Religion could have a positive or negative effect on well-being depending on a person’s state of mind. For instance, when diagnosed with a life changing condition did you say “why me god?” or “god will guide me through this”?  The list of examples could go on and on (but I’ll spare you of my ramblings). You don’t need to be medically trained to know that the individual with the positive attitude is far more likely to cope better with their condition, and treatments likely to be more successful.

Many of us know what we need to aid us physically, to help our daily battles with pain and its associated symptoms. How many of us manage our conditions with a balance of all aspects of our health. Is religion part of your regime? Or is spiritual health something that we need to be more aware of as part of our daily treatment plan?

I am very keen to hear your thoughts and feelings on such a diverse subject. Please be kind and respectful to other peoples comments.

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  1. Tiana

    Interesting post – Thank you.
    My spiritual beliefs have carried me through some very difficult times with this disease. I also believe strongly in the power of positive thinking but sometimes AS can be brutal & ruthless, it is these times when my faith is most tested and I don’t mind admitting that on a few occasions I wallowed in a pit of negativity, we are human after all!

  2. Jennifer Dye Visscher

    I had many very very difficult years. I am so much better now that I am on Remicade so it is much easier for me to be positive. In the cycle of devastating pain – there isn’t much room to feel anything but despair. This disease robs away any quality of life – it becomes sheer survival. I urge people in these moments of the disease to push for answers, push for better care, and advocate for pain management to a degree where your pain lessens enough that you have time free from it – doctors should accept nothing less in our care no matter what that takes. Find an advocate(friend or family member) to help at this point because in these levels of pain our thinking gets very messed up and we don’t make clear decisions often. Reach out and find help to make these choices and fight for better care!

    My dream it to raise awareness of all the spondyloarthritis forms and with that raised awareness – A CURE. – Jenna

  3. Stephanie

    I totally believe that having a positive attitude to life, and having some kind of peace within, is very important to living a healthy life. Obviously someone who sits on their butt day in and day out, but is spiritually sound will live a long healthy life, but let’s face it. Someone, that spiritually sound will not be found sitting around all day doing nothing with their life. The ones who are happiest with themselves, and spritually are the ones who go out enjoying life. Living one day at a time. Never wondering when is there last day.

  4. Charity Thomas Schofield Patterson

    my Faith helps me as i face a possible Diagnosis of AS soon.
    My faith, Jehovah’s witness, is based on what the Bible says and can be summed up in Revelation 21:3-4 … which says in that soon Gods Kingdom will remove pain suffering tears and even death from the earth (removing death = people become alive again in resurection) and that we would all live happy healthy lives forever in paradise earth. * there are many many many other scriptures to fully explain this believe.

    This has helped me live with many pains and tribulations in my life, and this one too. Sure i hope to get a good Rheumy who will treat agressivley enough to stop any damage and help me be more painless than now but i know that one day i wont need eye drops, glasses, false teeth, pills, supplements or even Rheumys. I will just wake up feeling great and go and work in my garden with my kids ( who i will be able to have as i wont be sick anymore and will be able to have kids!)


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