Making Trax -- Walk Your A.S. Off 2015
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Making Trax -- Walk Your A.S. Off 2015

The time is upon us again. Yes that’s right, it’s time for this years ‘Walk Your AS Off’ awareness campaign!

If you don’t know what the WYASO campaign is, then check out the brief guide I wrote last year.

The primary goals of WYASO remain the same as previous years, but there have been a few cool changes to the way things work this year. With the increasing popularity and increase in walkers year on year, managing the step counts of large teams is becoming a full time job. With this in mind the website has had an overhaul, so now each walker can log into the site to log their step through the website! There are also several different challenges in which you can take part in apart from the ‘main event’ starting May 1st. For more details on all the changes to this years WYASO please go to the new website.

Another change for this years WYASO is that I will no longer be tagging along with other teams. Nope. This year I am a captain of my own team! The team name is ‘Making Trax’, and I am currently recruiting if you are yet to join a team. To do so, please go to the registration page to join up. You can also check out the tutorial on the brand new AS Walk YouTube channel showing you exactly how to sign up. It’s a great video. In fact I happen to think rather highly of the chap that made it. 😉

If you are still unsure what the WYASO is about, how you can help, or how to join my team? Then feel free to drop me a message via the contact me page with the subject ‘Walk Your AS Off 2015’.

So in the spirit of walking…. I’ll leave you with this gem of a music video.

I look forward to walking with you soon.

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