How you can be a part of my Book Launch, too.
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How you can be a part of my Book Launch, too.

Time has gone so quickly. Can you believe it has been less than 6 months since I committed to writing this book? I barely can. But on the 15th of January my first book will be launched. And, if you have the time, I’d love for you to be a part of the launch, too.

So, I’ve decided to create a “Launch Team”. And I wondered if you’d like to be a part of it?

You probably have a few questions. So, hopefully the info below will answer them.

What’s a Launch Team?

It’s simply a group of people that help me to promote my book on its launch day. The aim would be to create a sales ‘spike’ on day one.

Why do you need one?

Most people think of Amazon as a store. Which is somewhat true, you can buy things there.

Few people go there just to browse. They have an idea of what they want before they visit the website. Then you type into the search bar what you’re after, and then results pop-up.

So what this means is Amazon isn’t a store. It’s a search engine that lets you buy what you’re already looking for. And just like all search engines, they have algorithms.

I know my book will help people. I have confidence in the content. I wouldn’t have written it otherwise.

So when people are looking for help, I want to make sure my book is shown to them in their search results. This is not me trying to play the system. This is just how it works. I genuinely want to help people, but if no ones knows about me or my book, then how can I?

A launch team will help me show Amazon’s algorithms that my book is worth showing to people.

What’s expected of me if I join the Launch Team?

On launch day, we will tell the world about my book. How much you do is up to you. But here’s a few examples of what you could do to help:

  • Share my book links on your social media accounts.
  • Post a picture online of you holding/reading my book.
  • If you’re a member of a group or forum that will benefit from the book, tell them about it.
  • Tell your friends and family.
  • Leave an honest review for the book once you’ve read it, and encourage others to do the same (either on Amazon or on Goodreads).

Easy right? With luck, by doing this on the same day it will help my book climb the charts. And reviews are a huge key to helping it appear in people’s search results. I mean, would you buy something on Amazon with no reviews? I wouldn’t.

How do I sign up?

You can do so in two ways. So choose the one the that best suits you.

  1. You can let me know you’d like to join by emailing me “I’m in”.
  2. Click attend on the special Facebook event for the big day.

Closer to the time I remind you know what you can do to help, should you have the time. Easy, right?

So, are you in? Choose an option from above to join the fun. If you have any questions, or aren’t sure on how you can help, then please leave me a comment below.

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