Going the Distance
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Going the Distance

Firstly, the regular visitors may notice I have changed the look and feel of my blog. Hopefully you will like the ‘new’ look as much as I do. However; if there is an overwhelming feeling of disgust I will of course change it back, but I am sure you’ll agree it looks as good as ever.

As you will hopefully know by now, next Sunday (2nd Oct) is a big day for me. This is because I am partaking in my first fund raising event, by competing in a 5 Kilometre (3.2 miles) run. As someone with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) running 5K is more of a challenge than it should be, and this is my final update on my training progress for the big day. If you haven’t yet read my other posts on this check out my last post Finding the Limits.

Since my last post I have only manage two runs, however both were incredibly successful, and over longer distances than before. The first of these runs was last Sunday. After discussing my previous trials and tribulations with a close friend, he kindly decided he would help me out and run with me. Previously he has completed a half marathon, and can run 5k with somewhat of an annoying ease. Given his previous experience I certainly felt I could do with a few pointers. So we met at one of the many local parks near by where my friend had plotted a nice straight forward circuit. Now the route my friend told me was a 5k route. The idea being getting my legs use to covering the distance needed, whether it was run or walked, and with no pressure on pace. After my run I plotted the route we did and actually calculated it as 4k. I am still unsure if he tactically lied to me in order to help raise my confidence, or if he genuinely miscalculated, being one of the countries finest Engineers I really hope it’s not the latter ;).

Having some company when running was a refreshing change, even if I did miss my usual playlist on my iPod. Having my friend run with me did three important things:

1) It helped me keep a good pace. I think this is something I have struggled with unknowingly, so having someone show me the pace and consistency I needed was helpful.
2) Having someone to talk to the whole way through helped take my mind of any aches and pains I was experiencing, making it more enjoyable to be out, rather than an arduous task that I must endure in order to achieve my goal. I guess the importance of enjoying what you are doing can never be underestimated.
3) Having someone to push me a little when needed, cheer me along, and praise my efforts is a great way of raising confidence. This also showed me I was able to do more than I realised.

So having completed the full route, without stopping, and more importantly without the need to be taken home in an ambulance, I was feeling particularly proud and satisfied with the mornings run. 🙂

Unfortunately it wasn’t all positives. Throughout the rest of the day my right ankle became increasingly painful, to the point that I needed to administer a little first aid on myself. Never has ice felt so good! Through the week this improved and the bandages and support were off in no time. As far as training for the rest of the week went, well, common sense prevailed, and I put off any running until the weekend.

Feeling much better about my abilities I decided that today I would do the exact same route again to see if it was a one off result, or could I really run the whole distance without the need to rest part way around? This time running alone, I went on my way around the 5k (or 4k if I’m right) route. This time with a pre-emptive ankle support insitu I made my way around the whole route as well as I did before. I’m obviously very happy with how well I did, and all I hope is that I do as well next weekend on the big day.

My younger sister who has her own photography business was visiting this weekend, and she came along with me to take a few snaps of my efforts today. Some of which you can see in this post. She has obviously been very kind to take these photographs, if you’d like to show her your support you can do so here.

I hope these show how hard I have been working to make this run every success, as well as show how proud I am to be doing this for NASS. Next time I write to you on this subject then I will be to tell you about the big day itself.

Thank you again to those who have, or are planning to donated, you all have my eternal gratitude. If you haven’t, and would like to show your support please visit my Just Giving page.

Until next week…..

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