2011 - My first year Blogging
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2011 - My first year Blogging

There seems to have been a theme throughout this year with how I start my posts. So why would this one be different? In keeping with ‘tradition’ I’d like to firstly apologise for not have written my end of year summary, at the actual end of year. Hopefully you can forgive me being too busy to write, given my recent addition to my family. This of course was the perfect end to my year. 🙂

In April 2011 I made the decision to blog. Thinking back I can’t seem to remember the exact point in which I made this decision, but I somehow came to the conclusion it was a great idea. I must say I haven’t looked back since. With each post I grow more and more fond of not only blogging, but of writing in general. I’d also like to thank all those that have supported me in the last year, especially those that have given me very positive feedback and encouragement. It really did inspire me to continue my efforts.

Writing about my Ankylosing Spondylitis has also taught me things not only about my own condition, but also about other chronic illness’ that I would not have otherwise learnt. We all strive for awareness about our conditions, and I have had my eyes opened, and I hope I have managed to do the same through my efforts.

What better way to sum up my year blogging than than to show you my Top Five viewed posts of 2011. I hope you enjoy reading them.

1 – Understanding – An Individual Barrier

2 – Hope – Just a dream? Or achievable?

3 – Mind, Body….. and Soul?

4 – Regret

5 – How do you plee? Guilty or Not Guilty?


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