First Ride Out
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First Ride Out

So the time had come to take my new toy out for its first ride. Donned with my new kit and the best of intentions I set off on my pre-planned route. For my first ride I decided to stick to roads I knew and keep the route short. I had no idea how I’d do. For all I knew the wheels could have fallen off, or my back could have given in, or my legs fallen off (you never know)! So with that in mind I planned a round trip ride to a friends and back, which totalled just under 6 Miles with only small-medium sized hill.

So I set off with my shiny new kit and a bucket load of enthusiasm. Mechanically my new bike rode lovely, very light weight, easy to move around, with confidence inspiring stability. After stopping to adjust/tweak my seat height several times I was happy and flying along. Shortly into the ride, it was apparent my withered sparrow legs needed some muscle on them. They became very tired very quickly. But the ride went without incident, and finished with me panting heavily after a short sprint finish.

All in all not a bad first ride. Lets hope things improve so I can work towards that charity ride.

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