Every Step Counts: The First Two Weeks Of WYASO

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For each day of the last 12 days I have been stringently counting each step I take as part of the the Walk Your AS Off (WYASO) campaign. Now with the second week complete, I can tell you I have done 87,407 steps so far. Although this is a little short of the figure I was expecting, I still feel pretty good about it. Which that is part of the reason I do it after all.

WYASO is more than just a way of raising AS awareness among the yet-to-be informed. It’s also a way of helping us make each other aware of our individual battles that we each endure daily. It is important to remember that just because we are all put in the same bracket – ‘AS patients’ – we are all individuals, and the condition affects us all differently. That might seem an obvious thing to say, but it’s easy for us all to forget from time to time.

If you are interested in the WYASO campaign, it is not too late to join in. Please email Jenna, or get in touch via the WYASO Facebook page to find a team which will suit you.

Every step counts.

I also encourage you all to stop by and check out the WYASO blog carnival, where a group of AS bloggers (including myself) will be participating. It’s worth a read.

It’d be great to hear from you if you’re taking part in WYASO. I’m keen to know how your all getting on. How are your pedometers working out? I’m thinking of getting a better one, but more on that another time. Just remember:

Every step taken is a step closer to our goal. To the moon!

5 Replies to “Every Step Counts: The First Two Weeks Of WYASO”

  1. James Allen (@GigaJim)

    Good going Ricky! That’ll get us a bit closer to the moon. Every step counts.

    I guess we will all be wildly different, due to so many different factors that affect us, such as: so we drive to work and parking right outside, or public transport; what we do in our spare time; do we live in a city or out in the countryside – but most importantly for us, how active we are.

    I’ve found it’s been great to always have that target to go for, it helps me get motivated and go out for a walk instead of slumping at the TV, because I want my number to get a little bit higher.

    And it also gives me something to talk about to friends, colleagues etc., a talking-point, so it helps me promote awareness of AS in a positive way – I get tired of talking about how AS affects me in a negative way (the pain, the stiffness etc), so usually try not to talk about AS too much.

    PS I’m using an Omron walking style pedometer, cost me £15GBP, it’s never gone wrong and it’s slim rectangular shape fits nicely along my belt so don’t notice I’m wearing it.


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