The Cherry on Top — Being Recognized for Patient Advocacy Work
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The Cherry on Top — Being Recognized for Patient Advocacy Work

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: I don’t do all I do to get praise or to win awards. And if you know me, even a little, you know that I have always selflessly helped others (I mean, I was a Nurse after all!)

So with that out the way… I’ve been nominated for an award!!

Even though it’s not something I’ve tried to attain, it is nice to know that someone (I honestly don’t know who) was kind enough to nominate me for the award. I have been nominated for the Patient Leader Hero award on WEGO Health.

(If you want you can skip the rest of this article and just go ahead and vote for me now 😉 – scroll to the bottom and hit ‘endorse me now’.)

Who is WEGO health?

Some of you are already familiar with them, no doubt. If not, this is them in their own words:

“WEGO Health is a mission-driven company dedicated to transforming health care by harnessing the experience, skills and insights of patient leaders. We are the world’s largest network of patient thought leaders, influencers and advocates, comprising more than 100,000 individuals across 150 health conditions. Our clients include leading pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, as well as agencies and organizations across the health care industry. WEGO Health offers enterprise and on-demand solutions that allow clients to leverage patient experience and expertise in the design, development and promotion of their products and services”.

What is WEGO health awards?

Each year they give awards to celebrate patient leaders and advocates. There is a whole bunch of categories, including their ‘Best in Show’ categories for things like Blogs, Twitter and Facebook. There are also awards for things like ‘Rookie of the Year’ and ‘Best Kept Secret’. You can find the full list of awards and nominees here.

How does voting work?

WEGO don’t call it voting. Instead they are called ‘Endorsements’. But in my mind, they are one and the same. There will be three finalists in each category. The three nominees with the most endorsements will automatically become finalists. The other two will be chosen by a judging panel. The judging panel will then choose an overall winner at a later date. The endorsement period ends on the 1st of September.

I’m so grateful for those of you that continually support me in my efforts to raise awareness for Ankylosing Spondylitis(AS) and in being a patient advocate. That means much more to me than an award ever will.

If you’d like to endorse me, or any of the other nominees, you can do so by hitting the ‘endorse’ button. Here is the link to my profileYou can also nominate other patient advocates (or nominate people for more than one award) here. Hitting the big ‘endorse me now’ button below works well, too. 😉


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