The Ambivalence of Change
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The Ambivalence of Change

Change can be scary, provocative, and hysteria inducing. Change can also be exciting and positive!

In a few short months I will encountering the biggest change of my life. And yes, that means — to me at least — even bigger than being diagnosed with a chronic illness like Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). I am now in the position to officially announce that in October, my family and I will be upping sticks from our house in England, and moving 3600 miles to the state of Virginia in the USA. Now if there is ever a change that will provoke hysteria, then moving to a new country is definitely one of them. Having said that — for the moment — the positives of the change are far outweighing the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with it.

We obviously didn’t make this decision lightly, but one area of my life that will change more than any other is my healthcare. As I’m sure you will be all aware, the healthcare system in England is unique, and adjusting to the system in the US will be a challenge I’m sure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going into this “blind”. I most certainly have done a lot of homework! But I’m sure there are things that might be helpful, the sort of things that can’t learnt by reading websites. This is where you guys come in………

Do you have any advice for me? Tips or tricks? Recommendations for “AS friendly” insurance companies? (Although I’m hoping we’ll get good cover via an employee scheme eventually.)

Even better, is there any particular insurance company I should avoid? Or how can I avoid falling into any “traps” within the system?

It’s such an exciting time ahead. But I have so much to do!!

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