The 4 Second Rule That’s Driving Me Insane – A Walk Your AS Off Update

Walk your AS off started 5 weeks ago! Can you believe it? Time has flew by. This means we are now half way through the awareness campaign. I hope your all on target to meet your own personal goals.

This week I want to have a bit of a moan if you’ll indulge me. I want to moan about my pedometer. At present I have a Omron Walking Style One 2.1 Pedometer.

It has a lot of positives; it’s small and thin, it’s comfortable to wear, and it keeps 7 days worth of step totals in it’s memory. But there is one thing that is frustrating me, and that is the 4 second delay. As a way to make it ‘accurate’, the pedometer does not record the first 4 seconds of movement, ensuring that it is not recording ‘non-steps’ by accident. Which seems sensible. But I have since found out that I make a lot of trips that are less than 4 seconds in length. Which means they are not being recorded. Buggar!

Omron Walking Style One 2.1 Pedometer

Omron Walking Style One 2.1 Pedometer – Image credit:

Take last weekend for instance. I was up nice and early with my son, doing the normal (1 year old) morning routine. This largely involves eating, filling nappies and climbing all over daddy – until one of us gets hurt that is (which is normally me). After 2 hours I checked my pedometer, which had recorded a monstrous 47 steps! “Err… that can’t be right” I said to my bemused toddler. For a start, I had been up and down the stairs at least 3 times. That’s 6 flights of 12 steps (3 up & 3 down), and my maths tells me is much more than 47 steps with just my trips up and down the stairs.

So the scientist in me decided I should do a little experiment. I walked up the stairs using my phone as a stopwatch. I recorded 4.2 seconds, and one whole step on my pedometer. The same was true of other ‘routine’ journeys I make around the house. How annoying!!

I have now started to estimate how many additional steps I take in the mornings and at night. But with me being an honest chap, I fear I may be underestimating, airing on the side of caution.

Has anyone else had pedometer woes? What sort do you have? Because I might buy one for the next 5 weeks of Walk your AS off. 

(Please don’t include Amazon links to your pedometers in the comments, as my spam filter might not like it)
Walk Your AS Off

Walk Your AS Off

16 Replies to “The 4 Second Rule That’s Driving Me Insane – A Walk Your AS Off Update”

  1. Emma Shaw

    I keep accidently hitting the reset button!So, a bit like you, I can come back from walking the dog, sit down with a cup of coffee and find I’ve done 27 steps :s. I think my pedometer is a bit basic so any recommendations greatly appreciated.

  2. joyce lameire

    I attach mine to my sock as that is the only accurate reading i get because of the way I walk. If I put it on my waistband on my pants the way it says to it wont log any steps. Damn technology! Lol

  3. James Allen (@GigaJim)

    I often realise I’m not wearing my pedometer at home because I’ve forgotten to put it back on after, for example, doing stretches on my exercise mat, taking a shower, changing my trousers etc. And thank ‘dammit!’ But I guess as long as I forget consistently, at least each week will all average out – my target is just to increase my step count each week, rather than having a specific target in absolute numbers.

  4. WalkYourASoff - Jenna

    Ricky, Now you have me curious! I power washed my very large deck last weekend and it was a hell of a job and took around 10 hours total. My steps were dismal and that was extremely frustrating but perhaps my fitbit (which I love because it syncs to my Android & laptop) and tracks lifetime achievment – but now I wonder if it does something similar. Fortunately I tend to get all my steps in bursts on the treadmill or walking in my neighborhood. I’m interested to hear more comments on this 🙂 Great post!

  5. Kimberly

    My hubby has gone through two pedometers so far. One fell off and broke and the other fell off and has not been found. Bless him for not giving up. I’m gonna get him a better quality one that won’t fall off.

    I LOVE my fitbit. No falling off gonna get him one.

    Walk on….

  6. Stephen

    First, you can estimate how many steps are the equivalent of chasing Ian. People are doing this for bicycling and swimming already. Second, get a different pedometer. For me, the round one from Omron does a better job of not missing steps. @SirHayofWood also tweeted about this problem.

  7. Tribecards

    I bought my wife a Sportline S12 and it has a STUPID 10-second delay. Yes, 10 seconds! She is a teacher and is missing all her steps because she works in short bursts but walks all day long. Someone needs to invent a non-delay pedometer.


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