2016 Calendar - Raising Money for Auto-Immune Arthritis
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2016 Calendar - Raising Money for Auto-Immune Arthritis

Something amazing has happened. Something I would have never dreamed could happen to me. Guessed it yet? That’s right, I’m now a pin up calendar model!

Well maybe not exactly in the traditional sense. After all I do have my clothes on (sorry ladies). Why are you in a calendar you may ask? Well that’s a good question, and I’m glad you asked.

The 2016 calendar is a project of the Helgi Olafson Foundation. Helgi is a legend who does remarkable things in the name of awareness for auto-immune arthritis, as well as fundraise for various AS and auto-immune arthritis charities. This calendar is one of those things.

“The purpose of this calendar is to raise awareness of autoimmune arthritis. All profit from sales will go back to helping people with arthritis, by funding arthritis research, patient financial assistance with treatment and offering better treatment options and better support networks.” – Helgi Olafson

The calendar features 12 individuals who have an auto-immune arthritis, but still manage to achieve an active lifestyle and not let their condition stop them achieving their goals and ambitions. Aside from some stunning photography throughout the calendar, you will also get to read more about each individual and get to know them a little, as well as being able to connect with them should you feel inspired to ask them a question or two.

So now you know about the calendar — I need to ask for your help.

In order for this to become a reality, Helgi has set up a crowd-funding page so that we can raise the money to get the first batch of 1000 calendars printed. After that we will then be able to use the funds to print further batches to meet additional demands.

It would be fantastic if you could help us reach our goal of $3500 to cover the cost of the first 1000 calendars. You can do one of two things to help:

  1. Pre-order your own copy of the calendar by donating $25 to the cause, and be the first to get a copy mailed directly to you.
  2. Donate any amount you can afford to help the cause, no matter how small it may seem. Every penny counts (well, cent / dollar).

To do either, start by going to the fundraising page by clicking here. Then hit the button that says “Donate for Rewards” on the right hand side of the page, and choose one of the two options.

If you have any problems with the process or have a questions you would like answered before donating then please do feel free to ask. You can do so by sending me a quick email via my contact page.

You can read more about the calendar at the Helgi Olafson Foundation website.

With your help this could be huge for us all. Lets make this a monumental success!

Watch Helgi’s video about the calendar:

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